Your Samsung phone is changing – and becoming a little more iPhone-like

One of the great things about smartphones is that the software is always changing, with features being added and improved regularly, and so it is with Samsung phones as they now have access to a Samsung Wallet app.

This new app is essentially a combination of the old Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass apps, but with some new features and Samsung Blockchain Wallet integration for good measure.

In the Samsung Wallet app, you can store payment cards (to make contactless payments) and also store loyalty and membership cards. But you can also use it as a password manager to store and access your passwords, and if you own any cryptocurrencies, you can use Samsung Wallet to check their value on various exchanges.

(Image credit: Samsung)

Other documents, such as COVID-19 vaccination records, can also be stored in Samsung Wallet, as can boarding passes, although airlines have to opt-in to this, and at the moment it appears that only Korean Air has done so.

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