Windows 11 is getting one of the most useless features of Windows 10

Microsoft is adding a new feature to the Windows 11 taskbar – but it’s probably not what you expected. While many of us expected drag and drop and the ability to resize and move to be added to the fairly basic Windows 11 taskbar, Microsoft is instead set to add a Windows 10-like search bar.

As Latest Windows reports (opens in new tab)a screenshot appeared showing a new ‘Search’ box

This is on the left side of the taskbar. It’s smaller than the Windows 10 search box and fits better with the overall look and feel of Windows 11, but we’d expect it to work in much the same way.

(Image credit: Windows Latest)

So you can use it to search for an application or document on your computer, or a website or term on the internet. According to Windows Latest, the search bar is being tested internally and there is no current indication of when we might see it in Windows 11.

Analysis: Who really wants this?

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