iPad Pro 2022 is closer to replacing your MacBook

Apple has announced an update to its iPad Pro that will bring the powerful Apple M2 chip from the MacBook Air (M2, 2022) to the tablet. The new Pro tablet won’t have the fancy colors of the new 10th generation iPad models, but it will have some fancy new features for the Apple Pencil 2, as well as improvements to media recording and playback, thanks to the M2. The iPad Pro is available for pre-order now and will hit stores on October 26.

The iPad Pro is powered by the Apple M2 chip, which will include new image and media processing engines that allow for improved video capture and editing. The iPad Pro will be able to capture ProRes video, but the cameras themselves have not received an upgrade from the latest model’s Pro Camera set. You still get the same 12MP main camera and 10MP ultra wide-angle lens, with a 12MP selfie camera on the front.

(Image credit: Apple)

The Apple Pencil 2 gets some new tricks with the updated iPad Pro. When the pencil is 12mm above the screen and closer, the iPad Pro can detect its presence and enable new Hover features. They seem mostly geared towards art and drawing types, but Apple says the iPad Pro will enlarge a text box when it detects the pencil, giving you more space to write.

The new iPad Pro will convert writing to text faster, thanks to the performance of the new Apple M2 chip. The processing cores will only be 15% faster, which is an imperceptible upgrade, but there will also be more improved Neural Engine performance. The Neural Engine is the part of the chipset that handles machine learning tasks, which include tasks like speech recognition and handwriting detection.

Apple iPad Pro 2022 with apps in use

(Image credit: Apple)

Apple has made significant updates to the iPad’s networking capabilities. The new tablets will support Wi-Fi 6E, a ‘fast lane’ flavor of Wi-Fi 6 that uses its own radio band. Even the iPhone 14 Pro lacks this Wi-Fi feature, although other new phones like the Google Pixel 7 Pro support it. The iPad Pro also gets more radio bands for 5G compatibility.

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