Samsung’s folding budget could cost as much as the Galaxy S22

Samsung has been one of the only brands so far that has managed to release multiple iterations of its collapsible smartphones. And it looks like the South Korean tech giant is ready to test the waters for more budget models.

according to one report (opens in new tab) by the Korean technology publication Naver, Samsung began work on the development and design affordable folding devices. The report states that the project was initiated by Samsung Electronic’s Mobile Experience (MX) division. There have been previous reports that the company was targeting a 2024 release.

Samsung aims to bring an affordable Z Flip and Z Fold version to the international market. In India, we can see smartphones available for approximately Rs 60,000. Samsung’s folding lineup of the Z Flip 3 is priced at Rs 84,999 while the Z Fold 3 is priced at Rs 1,49,999. And these were just the base model prices.

(Image credit: Peter Hoffmann)

If Samsung is really working to bring the price down by more than 20%, then there will certainly be some differences in the hardware. It was also previously suggested that Samsung will add these foldables to the A-series smartphones. These would introduce the essential features that complement the foldable device and its software. The most premium features will remain exclusive to premium Z-series products.

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