Rollerdrome is Doom Eternal on roller skates – and it’s as good as it looks

I’m skating at full speed and yet a sniper’s laser sight is attached to my torso. I wait for the final moment, just as they’re about to pull the trigger, to dodge the bullet and fire my shotgun – right at the brute swinging a club stuck in my forehead. After heading straight for the nearest half-pipe, I spin a nose grip in the air to refill my pistol ammo and land on a grinding rail – heading straight for the snipers.

Now it’s just a case of firing a few homing rockets into the air, engaging in slow motion, and unloading my dual pistols—all before sharpening the wall to safety. I feel like a martial artist armed on wheels. I look like a speeding death suit. And I’m having an incredible amount of fun.

This is Rollerdrome, an upcoming single-player arena shooter by Roll7 that enlists you in the titular fictional blood sport. Comprised of a series of deathmatches that come together in a full narrative single-player campaign, Rollerdrome challenges you to battle waves of enemies in combat arenas filled with skatepark paraphernalia. With nothing but a small arsenal of weapons in hand and a pair of skates on your feet, you’ll be pumping out combos, taking on challenges and pulling off a bunch of sick tricks worthy of the most extreme sports games.

(Image credit: Roll7)

While head producer Drew Jones describes the Rollerdrome as “a roller-skate shooter”, studio fans may recognize it more as a mash-up of two of Roll7’s previous releases. Combining the fluidity of Olli Olli’s cell-shadowed skating with the frenetic arena survival of Laser League, the game took on a surprisingly strange premise for what could be its heyday.

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