India wants to have two universal charging standards implemented

India may be taking inspiration from the European Union’s book when it comes to implementing charging standards for smartphones and other electronic devices. However, from what the latest developments indicate, you can go a step further and consider more than one universal charging port.

according to one report (opens in new tab) by 91Mobiles, the government of India is willing to introduce legislation to ensure manufacturers adhere to a universal charging port. The Secretary of Consumer Affairs stated that the government will soon be putting together a panel of experts. The government held a meeting yesterday with various stakeholders and smartphone manufacturers. Discussions would be underway to analyze and adopt a charging port technology for all electronics manufactured in the country.

(Image credit: Kaspars Grinvalds / Shutterstock)

Surprisingly, the government will look to make another charging port universal on all products in addition to the Type-C port. The report is not clear which second charging port would be universally compatible for consumers in India.

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