Tried a cordless vacuum with 2 batteries but it didn’t speed up my cleaning

Cutting the cord and having the freedom to move through all levels of the house is one of the main reasons to buy one of the best cordless vacuums. We’re big fans of these types of vacuums, not only because we don’t like being held back, but also because we love how versatile, lightweight, and easy to use they are.

Cordless vacuums and Black Friday

Just for your information, if you are looking to buy a cordless vacuum cleaner, now might be the ideal time to start shopping. The Black Friday deals are just a few weeks away, and we expect to see some fabulous Black Friday deals rolling out soon. You might even see some Black Friday Dyson vacuum deals if you’re willing to splurge. For more affordable options, we’re also anticipating plenty of Black Friday Shark vacuum deals. Both brands have highly sought-after cordless vacuums that are worth keeping an eye on.

While cordless vacuums are great, one of the main things we’ve tested – and one of the first things we’ve looked at in every vacuum spec – is the runtime. Runtime is how long the battery will last before needing another charge. There’s nothing more irritating than a vacuum cleaner stopping dead while you’re in the middle of vacuuming the rugs upstairs, or when you’re almost done banishing crumbs to the dustbin in the car that’s parked down the road. These are trivial problems compared to some, of course, but when a vacuum that isn’t plugged into the mains dies on you during a cleanup mission, it’s a problem all the same.

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