Dial-up is dead, but Apple just made it deader – and we still miss it

The news that Apple’s macOS Ventura fail to offer guidance (opens in new tab) on how to set up your dial-up modem surprised me with an intense wave of nostalgia that took my mind back 32 years to the early days of the Internet, e-mail, and that all-too-classic handshake sound.

Dial-up, the telephone line-based communication protocol for connecting computers to distant computers, and the early Internet, is not dead in the clinical sense. You can even use it to connect your computer to the web via a Mac or Windows PC. You just need a working dial-up modem (widely available on eBay (opens in new tab)), a telephone line port, the physical telephone line cable, and RJ35 connector (opens in new tab)and a system on the other end to dial.

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