Is the Micromax Dual 5 a Qiku 360 Q5 rebranded for Rs 24,999?

After weeks of teasing, mobile phone maker Micromax today unveiled its ‘premium’ Dual 5 smartphone in India for Rs 24,999. Undoubtedly, the company has done its best to make every effort to present it as a complete smartphone. But discussions began shortly after the price was announced.

While many of us were scrutinizing the features, the camera, and the atypical pricing, some of our readers started tweeting about something we didn’t notice. Micromax’s newly released dual camera smartphone ‘borrowed’ not just one, but almost everything from the Qiku 360 Q5.

Amazon’s New Cheap Tablet Is Now Available – And It’s The Kindle I Never Knew I Needed

After an announcement in mid-May, the newest Amazon Fire 7 is finally available for purchase – this is the follow-up to the Fire 7 (2019) and the newest generational version of the company’s cheapest slate.

This cheap new tablet has more RAM, a longer-lasting battery and, finally, a USB-C port for faster charging over its predecessor, although the flagship feature of the range – the 7-inch 1024 x 600 display – lacks seen no changes.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra should come with a 1-inch Sony IMX989 sensor

Xiaomi is rumored to be bringing a 1-inch sensor in its upcoming Ultra phone.

It is now almost confirmed that Xiaomi will use a new image sensor that they have jointly developed with Sony in their upcoming Xiaomi 12S Ultra.

Hideo Kojima wanted to put ‘corporate ads’ in his own game

Hideo Kojima almost added ads to an old Nintendo DS game in an attempt to lower its retail price, but abandoned the idea after others didn’t support it.

Talking about Lunar Knights – a Nintendo DS JRPG released by Kojima Productions in 2007, and called Boktai DS in Japan – in twitter (opens in new tab), Kojima revealed his initial plans for the game. He wanted to use the top screen of the Nintendo DS not to play games, but to show ads to players.

5 fascinating facts from 15 years of iPhone

In the first 30 minutes of Apple’s Macworld 2007 keynote in early January, Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone. Just an hour later, however, the tech press and eager fans learned they’d have to wait until June to actually get their hands on one. Fifteen years ago, that wait was over.

With June 29, 2007 marking a milestone in the history of not just smartphones, but consumer technology as a whole, we thought it would be fun to see how this fledgling device evolved into the most established smartphone on the planet, serving up a handful of facts gleaned from the 15-year history of the iPhone’s existence.

The iPhone Really Missed Its First Sales Target

Sony TV update solves annoying graphics issue for PS5 and Xbox owners

There’s great news for people who bought one of Sony’s ‘Perfect for PlayStation 5’ LED TVs from 2021 or 2022 and who play games on it using a PS5 or Xbox Series X – you’ll now be able to get full video quality and VRR ( update variable) at the same time!

Until now, enabling variable refresh rates on Sony’s LED TVs that use its XR Cognitive Processor disabled the backlight’s localized dimming feature, meaning you didn’t get as good HDR contrast if you had VRR. activated. We still rate some of these TVs as being among the best TVs for gaming due to their other great features, but that was definitely a huge frustration.

The Cast of Stranger Things Wants to Watch the Season 4 Finale With You – Here’s How

Stranger Things fans rejoice! Netflix has announced a star-studded online party for the season 4 finale of the sci-fi series – and everyone is invited.

In partnership with live streaming service Scener, the streaming platform is hosting a virtual screening for the world premiere of Stranger Things season 4 volume 2 on Friday, July 1st, with stars David Harbor (Hopper) , Brett Gelman (Murray), Joe Quinn (Eddie) and Jamie Campbell Bower (Peter) in attendance as A-list guests.

AMD can follow in Nvidia’s DLSS footsteps with FSR 3.0 frame rate boost

AMD may be planning to take a different direction with FSR in the future, and if a clue highlighted on Twitter is anything to go by, Team Red’s intention is to develop the framerate boosting technology along AI-powered lines – as well as Nvidia DLSS.

This theory is based on a tip tweeted by well-known hardware leaker Greymon55, who detected a new commit in the LLVM repository that is about the introduction of WMMA (Wave Matrix Multi-Accumulate) instructions in GFX11.

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After all, Wear OS 3 doesn’t just work with Android – it can work with your iPhone

Wear OS 3 is the biggest overhaul we’ve seen for Google’s smartwatch operating system so far, but it’s also one that apparently came with a huge disappointment, as the first – and so far only – Wear OS 3 watches were the Samsung Galaxy Watch. 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and are not compatible with iPhones.

Far from being a limitation of Wear OS 3, it seems that this is simply a limitation that Samsung has decided to impose, as the Montblanc Summit 3 was recently announced, and is confirmed to have iOS support.

FreeBuds Pro 2 headphones prove Huawei is still set on dethroning Apple

Huawei has just unveiled the Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 earbuds at a launch event in Berlin, the second iteration of the company’s flagship true wireless earbuds. And, of course, they come promising yet further improvements to our audio experience.

Building on the inaugural Huawei FreeBuds Pro, launched in September 2020, the latest earbuds promise “true sound that brings beauty to your ears” and visually, these headphones do a fine job of looking winsome – they come in a ‘Silver Blue’ colorway, new to the FreeBuds family. Designed to be a “dreamy” finish, Silver Blue is, says Huawei, inspired by the stars in the galaxy. So the sky’s the limit, eh?