Unlock all Valorant Operators when you join Xbox Game Pass

Five of Riot’s most popular in-house games, including Valorant and League Of Legends, will be coming to Xbox Game Pass on December 12th. This is part of Riot’s partnership with Microsoft, but you won’t actually need to play the games in Game Pass to get some free in-game goodies and unlockables.

You will only need a Riot Games account and a Xbox Game Pass subscription to claim the prize, which will be available from December 12th. If you log in before January 1st, there are even more in-game goodies to enjoy.

This Horror Game Looks Like Silent Hill But Doesn’t Understand What Made It Scary

We got to see a ton of great games at The Game Awards, with some heavy hitters coming out of nowhere. We were spoiled for choice.

However, as a fan of scares, I noticed a lack of present horror games, that is, until I saw the trailer for psychological horror survival game Post Trauma. In it, we can see a gentleman navigate what appears to be a forgotten and decaying subway system. Throughout this journey, there are cosmically horrible entities; monsters with tentacles stuck in the walls, corridors full of blood and some kind of vegetation covered in flesh.

The best high refresh rate monitors 2022

The best high refresh rate monitors deliver crisp and smooth visuals during your gaming sessions. That doesn’t just mean a more enjoyable experience; it also means you’ll have a winning advantage as a fast display is able to deliver more images per second to keep up with your fast movements, making them great for competitive gaming.

60Hz and 120Hz monitors are hardly obsolete and will more than suffice for most of your viewing needs. However, some situations do call for a higher refresh rate. The best monitors that offer refresh rates 144Hz and faster are the cream of the crop, especially where gamers are concerned. If your PC’s graphics card is putting out higher frame rates, for example, or if a smoother, screen tearing-free gaming experience is much more important than higher resolution gameplay, then a higher refresh rate monitor is a better solution.

The best 4K 144Hz monitors 2022

With the best 144Hz 4K monitors hitting the shelves, you no longer have to choose between fast refresh rates and Ultra HD resolution. The arrival of these fast, sharp displays is further proof of how fast technology can evolve.

In fact, it wasn’t that long ago that we had to settle for a 60Hz refresh rate just to experience that crisp 4K resolution, or settle for 1440p just to get a fast refresh rate without breaking our budget. These days, you can have the best of both worlds – a high-resolution 4K monitor that will make movies more immersive, and a fast refresh rate monitor that will make fast-paced games even smoother.

If Diablo 4’s Queen of Hell Is a Spicy Tomato, This Burger King Ad Gives Me Ideas

Have you ever played a video game and thought to yourself, “Hey! Surely this guy is the digital embodiment of a quarter pound of triple bacon pickles?

Of course you do. Burger King Japan knows you want burger-iffic versions of all your favorite characters from the best RPGs and beyond, so you intend to deliver the goods.

BK Shares announced its latest advertising campaign (opens in new tab) has everything to do with the promotion of Diablo 4. With none other than the queen of hell herself as the protagonist of the project, the Lilith Spicy Tomato Double Whopper Cheeseburger will be offered at Burger King points of sale in the region from December 16th. a burger will be joined by two other limited-time creations that are also based on Blizzard’s demonic hack n’ slash action series. But all this talk of blood and hamburgers has me wanting to try BK’s curious association game.

(Image credit: BK Holdings Ltd)

queen burger

That was fast: Amazon’s ‘Alexa, thanks to my driver’ tipping program is over

Every night before I go to bed, I ask the Alexa-enabled Lenovo bedside clock what the weather is going to be like. Last night, shortly after dutifully announcing the oddly mild weather, Alexa informed me that I could tip my Amazon driver $5 by saying, “Alexa, thank my driver.”

There are currently about 275,000 Amazon drivers (opens in new tab) delivering over a billion (opens in new tab) holiday gift boxes and making holiday dreams come true for consumers and, of course, Amazon. But what do the drivers who carefully place these precious boxes on our doorsteps get out of it? Other than about $20 an hour, not much. Giving one of my drivers a small tip seemed like the least I could do.

Baldur’s Gate 3 trailer and release date revealed, along with the return of a hero

It’s time to get dressed and get your data together because Larian Studios has announced the release date for Baldur’s Gate 3.

Presented at The Game Awards 2022, we now know that Baldur’s Gate 3 will finally be within our reach. August 2023three years after the early access release, hopefully we can expect some significant changes since then.

Sorry PS4 players, the Horizon Forbidden West expansion is coming to PS5 only

If you got to the end of Horizon Forbidden West and turned to your resident viewer and said, “I bet that’s the end of this adventure. Every thread of the story seems to be tightly wrapped in a robot dinosaur-shaped bow,” then I’m sorry to be the only one to say this, but Guerrilla Games has just announced an expansion and it’s not coming to PS4.

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores sees Aloy continue on her quest to rid the futuristic world of a plague, though now her journey is taking her to LA. I’m sure this isn’t just the narrative team’s way of resolving some frustrations with Hollywood producers dragging their feet to make the seemingly inevitable Horizon Zero Dawn TV series.

Warhammer 40K: Space Marine 2 gameplay reveal trailer is bloody as hell

Finally, we finally saw Warhammer 40K: Space Marine 2 with an uncompromising gameplay reveal trailer worthy of the Emperor himself.

What immediately stands out about Warhammer 40K: Space Marine 2 is how viscerally the title uses technological advances between console generations. That’s because the first game initially came out over a decade ago, so the violence is really splendid here.

After 10 years, FromSoftware finally unveils the long-awaited sci-fi sequel

Before Elden Ring, before Sekiro, before Bloodborne, before Dark Souls, even before Demon’s Souls, developer FromSoftware was known for an entirely different series: Armored Core. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it might be because it’s been ten years since the last game was released.

After a long, long wait, FromSoftware finally revealed Armored Core 6 Fires of Rubicon, and it looks impressive.