Amazon is giving away 30 free games for Prime Day – but don’t cancel Game Pass just yet

Amazon has great pleasure for gamers on this Prime day as it is giving away over 30 games that are completely free to all Prime members. You’ll need to be quick to claim the freebies, but don’t get too excited. While there are a few standout titles, the free offer doesn’t offer much for those who already have a full game library or an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

It’s certainly one of the most enticing Prime Day offerings. Headlining the free games is Mass Effect Legendary Edition for PC – the optimized 4k re-release of BioWare’s acclaimed sci-fi RPG trilogy from last year. It’s a loving revamp that improves the series in all the right ways, and it’s a bargain for the princely sum of $0. It’s joined by the competently entertaining racing game Grid Legends and the slightly more arcade racing game Need for Speed. heat Three older Star Wars games – Jedi Academy, Jedi Outcast and Republic Commando – are also in the mix.

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