5 Underrated Thriller Series Worth Watching on Indian OTT Platforms

Recently one was watching the webseries the broken news, which began broadcasting on the Zee5 platform from last month (June). One found the series well done and engaging. The performances of Sonali Bendre, Shriya Pilgaonkar, Jaideep Ahlawat in this series, which is about the politics and machinations that are present in top-notch TV news channels, was consistently top-notch. The story, as it unfolds, is realistic, even though it has the elements that create dramas in these parts. One found it a must-watch.

But when checking social media platforms, there was almost no buzz for such a series. While reviews were mostly positive, on social media platforms, which is where a web series draws its credibility and influence, word of mouth praise was far and few among them. A series like Suzhal – The Vortex got its strength from glowing accolades on social media platforms.

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